Opening October 20th

Friday & Saturday: 7pm- 10pm 

For our Hours of Operation and Special Events, please check our calendar.

Remember, all activities are weather permitting. Please check the weather before coming out.

​You may also check our Facebook page for any weather related closures.

Tel: 863.859.6472


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Admissions (height requirement 48 inches): $30 
​We supply paintball guns and masks.
​You will receive approximately 200 rounds
of paintballs to shoot at live zombie actors.
​​Attention all Zombie Hunters, we need your help! We have been infected by Zombies! 

 ...No, don’t run! Grab a paintball gun and hop on the Hayride. Let’s do this!

What isZombie Farm Paintball Hayride? It’s a 20 minute hayride, in the dark, that takes you through Zombie Farm’s infectious zones. There have been reports of the living dead lurking in the night, especially around swampy areas. We will supply you with a paintball gun for your protection against these creatures. Make sure you don't shoot all your paintballs in one spot, and hope you have good aim! Be very careful and use caution, or you may go home as a zombie...